Custom Cabinetry

 One of a Kind Faux Finishing by Robert Mann sets the bar high for cabinet finishes in Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Our finishes are of the highest quality you can find, ranging from 3 to 15 layers for one finish. Only top of the line products, techniques and tools are used. Some layers are painted by hand, some by trowel, some using airbrush, but first and final layers are always sprayed using an HVLP automotive style sprayer for the best possible results.  Our finishes always come out looking like a high end factory finish, not like an after thought.  We can replicate any finish you want and at the best commercial grade quality you would expect. Cabinet refinishing ...

Over the years I used to do exactly what my clients wanted to meet the budget they had.  I no longer take on jobs which are unprofitable and make me need to cut corners to compete with companies of lesser quality.  I treat each job like it will be shown to every potential client in my future.  I want to give all my customers a showpiece which could not have been done better.   I will always be around to do touch ups and fix any problems and have never charged for this.

The finish on your cabinets is usually the largest surface you see in your kitchen.  Your cabinets can look high end or very cheap just from the finish.  Due to the slump in the economy many new faux finishers and painters have been forced into the cabinet refinishing business.  Beware faux finishing and restain/overstain is a very difficult process.  You can very easily ruin an expensive set of cabinets and I see it often. Most faux finishers have lowered their standards and prices to compete with the painters that have entered the refinishing business.  Do not let a painter or finisher sell you the myth brushing or rolling cabinets will give you a professional finish. My focus is on improving and adding steps to make my finishes better, not cheaper for more profit. If you are after just a quote for the best price, One of a Kind Faux Finishing is not your company.